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Orange Coconut specialise in providing high calibre television production and post production services, staff and consultancy

MARCH 2017 Orange Coconut Ltd is currently dormant due to work commitments for the BBC.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and our ability to meet the most stringent technical and creative standards on time and to budget.

Orange Coconut will work with clients on a regular or one-off basis, we can handle studio inserts, a promotional film, a one off documentary, a live event or a long running series with multiple deliverables.

Nothing is too small or too complex for our team of broadcast experts.

At Orange Coconut we believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well, first time.

With over twenty years of broadcast experience we are able to avoid potential pitfalls before they happen and ensure that your projects run smoothly; from planning your work flow, choosing the most appropriate technology taking you through to transmission, publication or authoring.

So if your project is worth the best, then come to Orange Coconut for professional expertise and the highest standards, first time.

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