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From the Orange Coconut blog: Why videotape should be evaluated before reuse

Videotape Recycling

As you know, we are fervent supporters of reconditioned tapes here at Orange Coconut. After several successful years of offering this service ourselves, we are now handing over the baton to EMS (Environmental Media Solutions). EMS are a Tapes UK Company and have excellent environmental credentials and offer a reliable, quick and efficient service.

If you are in any doubt about the carbon benefits of using reconditioned tapes, have a look at the report EMS commissioned from the independent carbon specialists Sustain Analytics. You can find it on the EMS website
EMS have a zero waste to landfill policy, so you can be sure that any tapes that have reached their end of life are being recycled, for example through the recovery polymers.

Please contact Kim Cowley or Steve Everett for further details of their services. We highly recommend them.

Tel: 0117 941 5030
Web: for reconditioned media supplies for all recycling of recordable media, IT and WEEE

• Evaluated Media Sales – Formats this services supports are HDCAM, XDCAM, HD SR, Digi Bet, Beta SP, Beta SX, DVCAM and DVCPro.
• Tape Evaluation and Reconditioning services – Again this services supports the above formats
• Confidential Media Destruction services – All known formats are catered for. Including data, video, audio
• Film recycling services. Includes Cine Film, Nitrate Film, X-Ray film
• IT equipment recycling services. All types if IT equipment catered for
• WEEE recycling. All types of electrical catered for except white goods

Picture of stack of videotapes

Picture of part of the Orange Coconut recycling machine bank

Picture of one of the Orange Coconut RTI TapeCheck Pro Line 5100 evaluators

Picture of one of the Orange Coconut RTI TapeCheck Pro Line 4100 evaluators

Picture of Orange Coconut bulk eraser

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